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At TrueTech Advisors, we provide consultative services to organizations, assisting them to determine the best path in mitigating and managing risk. Our expertise lies in both the understanding of what it takes to be compliant, along with the cybersecurity marketplace and vendors who best provide those solutions. Our goal is to create long term relationships where trust is created through a sustained proof of success. And thus, providing peace of mind to our clients.

Once we understand our clients’ information security roadmap:

  • We educate clients on risk mitigation, compliance requirements, and vendor variances.
  • We facilitate conversations and pricing with multiple vendors.
  • We accommodate our clients through updates and information about compliance changes or regular compliance maintenance.


Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

With Cyber-attacks, it is not a matter of if but when. And the path towards network assurance can be ambiguous. Especially when you factor in the variable of vendor quality. TrueTech Advisors educates our clients on which services, practices and vendors produce the best results based on your organization’s goals.



Compliance is a moving target. It is a job all to itself to understand the upkeep involved to maintain compliance certifications. We can help educate you on, on the compliance demands and what needs to be done to maintain that certification.

Vendor Variances

Vendor Variances

Different Cyber Security vendors have different product sets. Almost all vendors use other, outside vendors to accomplish the overall goal that is required. And they each only recommend their partner, regardless of if that is the best vendor for your need. At TrueTech Advisors we connect businesses with vendors who specialize in the critical areas for that organization.


One communication point

Getting quotes or information for any given project may require multiple touchpoints with multiple vendors. TrueTech Advisors aggregates all the information from vendors and relays that information to you in an easily comparable format. Allowing you to have all the communication needs go through a single source.

Schedule Vendor Demonstrations and Assessments

Once a need is located and the vendors have been narrowed, setting time to meet with qualified vendors who can deep dive into their specific product set and tools is needed. We help align our clients with their prospective vendors and advocate for our clients during those meetings.

Provide Quotes

Because we work with dozens of cybersecurity vendors, we can get multiple quotes from multiple vendors to ensure you are getting the best solution at the best price.


Continued Support

Cybersecurity is not something that can be fixed in a moment. It takes time and a consistent focus on the goal. At TrueTech Advisors, we continue conversations with our clients after the services are sold. To ensure that the goals of your organizations’ Cybersecurity needs are met.

Installation Support

Our strength is in numbers. And because we are brokers who sell these products, we have the ability to intervene and provide movement where an individual company may not be as effective.

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